Experiential Philanthropy

Dr. McDougle teaches courses at the undergraduate, master's, and doctoral levels on topics relating to nonprofits and philanthropy. In her teaching of undergraduate courses specifically (in, both, the United States at Rutgers University–Newark (RU–N) and in China through Rutgers University–Newark Institute (RUNIN) at Northeast Normal University), Dr. McDougle has relied extensively on the use of experiential philanthropy as a pedagogical technique to build and strengthen students' philanthropic identity.

From 2016–2018, Dr. McDougle established and led the first university-wide experiential philanthropy initiative at RU–N funded by a grant from the Chancellor's office. Since 2019, Dr. McDougle's own teaching using experiential philanthropy has been funded by the Learning by Giving Foundation. In total, Dr. McDougle has been able to provide RU–N students with nearly $100,000 to donate to nonprofit organizations that they believe in.

Nonprofits Funded by Students at Rutgers Newark

Includes RUNIN students. Click image to search map. Map includes only nonprofits funded since 2016.

More about Experiential Philanthropy at Rutgers Newark

In 2016, with a grant from the Chancellor's Seed Grant program, several instructors at Rutgers Newark were selected to incorporate experiential philanthropy into their courses. Here, Professor Jett informs New Jersey-based Bianca's Kids that their organization was selected by students to receive a $1,500 donation.